Regional & Local Newspaper Publication Rates

Image commission/publication (for a single use licence) rates are as follows for regional and local newspapers/magazines (U.K.):

Per image published (single use) in print: £15
Per image digital media/online use: £15

These fees are subject to negotiation, but as a general rule:

Newspapers or magazines: a license to use the image in one edition, on paper.

For a website, it might be a license to post the work for one “editorial cycle”.

Day rate (8 hours): £120

These fees are subject to negotiation

All image use subject to licence agreement, terms and conditions.

Material is offered on the basis set out in a confirmation of sale, commission or submission form, which must be accepted and signed prior to publication. Publication implies acceptance of these terms. Licences may be offered to more than one publisher. To secure exclusivity, intention to publish must be notified promptly to the supplier. More details upon request – please contact us.

The right to be identified as author of the work is hereby asserted. All images remain the copyright of the photographer.

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